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Track tasks from one meeting to the next
Track tasks from one meeting to the next

Track completed tasks between your meetings to see the progress of your team.

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Track tasks from one meeting to the next

Track tasks from one meeting to the next. It's easy to do. The task I just assigned to Cecile during my meeting is in the pending tasks of the Executive Committee workspace. Cecile received it directly in her personal space.

If you attend multiple meetings, you will find all your assigned tasks in one place, your personal space, without having to open each meeting minutes.

Login with Cecile's account

Let's connect with Cecile's account to show you how she received this information. She received two pieces of information: the task I assigned to her with a new badge and a notification that I assigned it to her during the Executive Committee.

💡 If Cecile takes care of this task tomorrow, she will remember the meeting conversation very well. On the other hand, if she takes care of it next month, she won't remember the meeting conversation and will do something very unpleasant, she will open a plethora of Word documents until she stumbles upon the right meeting minutes from the right meeting.

With WEDO, she does not have this problem. She just has to click on the task and she has a direct link to the meeting minutes, thus to the information that precedes the assignment of the task.

✅ Once Cecile has completed the task, she just has to validate it. The task turns green and is archived.

Organization of the next meeting

I am now reconnecting with my account because I want to organize the next Executive Committee meeting. If I go to my Topic Administration, I decide to import the content of the previous meeting with the completed tasks.

When you get to the Administration item, you see that Cecile's task is green. WEDO will trace the tasks from one meeting to another and display in green all the tasks completed since the previous meeting. This ensures effortless tracking of tasks from one meeting to the next.

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