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Frequently asked questions about using WEDO.

How do I create a WEDO shortcut?Find out how to create a shortcut for quick access to WEDO from your smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC.
How to subscribe to WEDO?Are you coming to the end of your trial period? Find out how to subscribe to the WEDO collaborative platform.
Is WEDO available in other languages?You can change the language of the WEDO interface. The tool is available in English, French and German.
Calendar sync: what is synchronized?Find out what changes are reflected in your calendar once it is synchronized with WEDO.
I forgot my password. How can I access WEDO?Lost your password? Reset it or contact one of your network administrators.
How do I carry out the "Organize > ..." step in WEDO's integrated training?The integrated training is located in the WEDO footer. Learn how to organize your tasks with just a few clicks.
How do I integrate a shortcut to WEDO on my desktop?To facilitate access to your WEDO network, it is possible to create a shortcut on your desktop.
How to disable desktop notifications?You no longer wish to receive WEDO notifications on your desktop? This article will explain how to disable them.
Which browser extensions are not compatible with WEDO?Learn how to disable extensions that are incompatible with WEDO and cause bugs.
The button to access customer support does not appear at the bottom right of the screen, what can I do?If you use Firefox to access WEDO, protection settings may block the media bubble.
How to hide the integrated training in the footer?You can hide the progress of the training integrated in the footer of the WEDO platform.
What is the WEDO Lab?Discover the new features in beta mode, which you can activate via the LAB.