From one meeting to the next

Find out how WEDO helps you prepare your agendas and track tasks from one meeting to the next.

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Preparing for the next meeting

Prepare your next meeting on the basis of a previous meeting. When preparing, you can:

  • Adopt the previous agenda, modifying it to suit the upcoming meeting.

  • Import content from the previous meeting:

✏️ Paragraphs | 🔨 Decisions | ✅ Tasks | 📎 Files | 🖼️ Images

ℹ️ By default, the 📁 Sections of your agenda are automatically repeated.

ℹ️ You can set a recurrence on a Topic so that it is repeated at every meeting. From one meeting to another, for recurring Topic 🔃 and Revisited ➡️, you can decide what you want to do with the content of these: Import the content of the previous meeting or Start from scratch.

ℹ️ If your topics have not been set up with a recurrence, they will not be repeated from one meeting to the next. However, you can import them manually when you are in the next meeting:

  • Import all topics at once

  • Import specific topics ⬇️

Import the topics from your last session with one click

💡Tip: For non-recurring topics, the ➡️ Revisit button allows you to revisit a Topic in a future meeting agenda:

  • Click ➡️ Revise to revisit the Topic in the next scheduled meeting

  • Click the ⋮ button to choose the specific date you want to take up the Topic

    Ending or scheduling your topics during the session

ℹ️ It is also possible to Postpone a Topic to a subsequent meeting.

Follow up on a recurring meeting

A recurring meeting is a regular meeting with a fixed frequency: weekly, every 2 weeks, every month, every quarter, etc.

ℹ️ If you opt for a recurring meeting, WEDO automatically creates the first 5 occurrences. When you are done with the 5th meeting, you can Add the next one.

Follow-up of a repetition of the session

Tracking an Irregular Meeting

If you want to create a single meeting or have meetings repeat on an irregular basis, select the "does not repeat or irregularly" option when creating.

ℹ️ WEDO creates a single meeting. You will be able to manually add subsequent meetings if necessary to repeat the agenda and content of the previous meeting.

Tracking an irregular session

Assign tasks in a meeting ✅

1️⃣ You can create tasks from your meetings.

2️⃣ When you delegate tasks in a meeting, managers receive them instantly in their personal space. So attendees are up and running as soon as the meeting ends.

Assigning tasks during a session

ℹ️ Tasks created from a meeting then appear in the meeting workspace under the Tasks tab. These tasks have a link back to the meeting in their details panel.

Track tasks from one meeting to the next ☑️→✅

You have the ability to track the completion of tasks from one meeting to the next. Keep track of completed tasks when you import your Topic content:

Tracking tasks from one meeting to the next

This allows you to track the progress of the tasks and view the completed ones as they will be highlighted in green ✅

Completed tasks are displayed in green in your next log

Centralization of meeting minutes of a workspace

WEDO centralizes all the meeting minutes of a workspace in the Meetings tab. Use the sorting buttons to display :

  • Upcoming meetings

  • This week's meetings

  • Past meetings

Centralization of the protocols of a workspace
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