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Task's watcher
Task's watcher
Watchers of a task are notified when information or changes are made to it.
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What is a watcher?

A task can have only one person responsible for completing it. In order to strengthen the collaborative aspect of the execution of a task, WEDO has developed the concept of a watcher. Thus if a task can only have one person in charge, it can on the other hand have several watchers who are notified for each action that concerns it. The watcher is notified when the task is completed, deleted, commented on or when there is a change of deadline or person in charge.

A user becomes a default watcher if he or she creates the task, comments on the task, delegates the task, or is assigned a task.

This feature promotes collective monitoring of the same task and makes users aware of any important updates to the tasks that concern them.

To add a watcher to a task and access more information about this feature, please see the following article: The details pane of a task (paragraph Add a watcher).

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