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The WEDO platform ergonomics
The WEDO platform ergonomics

The WEDO platform has a special structure that makes it easy to organize and collaborate.

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The main menu

In the main menu on the left side of your screen, you will find your personal space and the teams of which you are a member. The latter include workspaces and checklist templates.

At the bottom of the main menu you will find 4 shortcuts to :

Action bar

The action bar is located at the top of the screen and allows different actions depending on your location.

Create a workspace

From the Workspace view, create a workspace from the action bar.

Add a template

From the Checklist Templates view, add a template from the action bar.


From a checklist template, launch a checklist from the action bar.


Each task list can be exported: tasks from your personal space, from a workspace, from a template or from a checklist. The Export button is therefore present in the action bar of your personal space, in your workspaces, from the tasks of your templates as well as in your checklists.


Finish a task from the action bar.


Delete a task from the action bar.


Launch a search using keywords.

Notification area

Access your notifications by clicking on the bell. The number on the red background indicates the number of unread notifications.

+ Button

Using the + button, create :

User profile

Access your user profile by clicking on the icon at the top right of the screen.

Tab system

The WEDO platform is subdivided into different tabs. There is a different tab system depending on where you are.

The tab system of the personal space

The tab system of a workspace

💡 By default, when you go to a space you go directly to the Tasks tab.


The WEDO platform contains many default filters. These allow you to filter tasks according to different criteria. These filters vary depending on your location.

Personal space filters

There are different types of filters in the personal space: my tasks, delegated tasks, observed tasks, created tasks and all tasks. There is an option to create custom filters according to personal criteria.

The filters of a workspace

There are different types of filters in a workspace: All Tasks in space, My Tasks in Space, Unassigned Tasks, Observed Tasks and Created Tasks. There is an option to create custom filters according to personal criteria.

Filters according to status

In the personal area as well as in all workspaces, there is a drop-down menu that contains different filters depending on the status of the tasks.


Two buttons present by default on the platform allow you to manage the sorting (1) and display (2) of tasks. You can find these buttons in the personal space, in all workspaces as well as in the checklists.

Sort tasks

There are different default criteria for sorting tasks.


The central area of the platform represents the content.


At the bottom of the page is a direct link to the WEDO website.

Integrated user training

You can find out your percentage of WEDO discovery through the user training integrated in the footer. WeDo thus invites you to progress in the discovery of the platform. There are five levels of progression:

  1. Novice - Discover the basics

  2. Apprentice - Go into detail

  3. Expert - Collaborating with colleagues

  4. Master - Search Information

  5. Superheroes - Tracking the progress of a process

To access the user training, click on the footer.

Pour progresser, nous vous invitons à réaliser les objectifs définis dans chaque niveau. Les objectifs réalisés sont précédés d’un vu vert.

Chat support

You can ask all your questions via the chat support at the bottom right of the screen. We will be happy to answer you as soon as possible :-)

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