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Update a recurring meetingIf you want to update a recurring meeting, the system suggests which meetings to apply the changes to.
Create a recurring meetingWhen you create a meeting, choose a recurrence so that occurrences of future meetings are automatically created.
Create a meetingCreate a new meeting or add a meeting from an existing one.
From one meeting to the nextFind out how WEDO helps you prepare your agendas and track tasks from one meeting to the next.
Set a duration on a TopicYou can manually choose the duration for each Topic in your meeting.
Divide the meeting time by TopicTo manage the duration of your meeting, you can divide the time according to the number of topics.
Reset the duration of the topicsYou can remove the set times or reset the time for each Topic.
Export a meeting in PDFFind out how to export your meeting in PDF format.
Share a meetingFind out how to send a meeting by email and how to export it in PDF format.
Add a next meetingFind out how to track a meeting by adding the next one.
Move a meeting to another workspaceFind out how to move a meeting to another workspace where you are a member.
Modify the list of attendeesLearn how to add and remove attendees to your meeting.
Manage meeting attendeesDetermine who was present, absent or excused from your meeting.
Editing an attendee's informationFind out how to change the information of an attendee in your meeting.
Modify the title of a meetingFind out how to change the title of your meeting.
Change the date of a meetingFind out how to change the date of a meeting.
Change the duration of your meetingFind out how to change the length of your meeting.
Change the location of the meetingYou can change the location of your meeting.
Change the recurrence of a meetingFind out how to change the recurrence of your meeting.
Remote meeting : add the link of the video conferenceYou can add the link of your videoconference to share it with all attendees.
Prepare meetings in advanceYou have the possibility to prepare the agendas of your next meetings in advance.
Navigate between the occurrences of a meetingNavigate between occurrences of the same meeting to access meeting content.
Show/hide meeting templatesYou can choose which templates to display in the workspace to keep only those that are used the most.
Lock/Unlock a meetingFind out how to lock a meeting to freeze information, or unlock it to make changes.
Delete a meetingLearn how to delete a scheduled meeting.
Restore a meetingYou can restore a meeting that was deleted by mistake.