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Create tasksA task is an action to be performed. It is used to organize projects, departments or the work of other teams.
Duplicate a taskDuplicate a task and delegate duplicates directly to your colleagues.
Edit tasksIt is possible to modify the options of a task at any time.
Delegate tasksIt is possible to delegate tasks to other users on your network in order to collaborate effectively.
Complete tasksA completed task is a realized task.
Reset a task in progressIf you complete a task by mistake, you can reset it.
Prioritize tasksTasks can be prioritized to define what is most important and urgent.
Plan tasksThe planned date is the date on which you want to complete a task.
Task Due DatesThe due date is the date on which the task must be completed.
Recurring tasksThe recurring date allows a task to appear on a fixed, pre-programmed date.
Delete tasksIt is possible to delete a task following a typing error or if the task is no longer to be performed.
Restore tasksIt is possible to restore a deleted task.
The detail pane of a taskThe details pane gives all the information about a task.
Task IDEach task has a specific URL and ID so that you can send a link to it directly.
Email to commentYou can comment a task by sending an email.
Export a task listIt is possible to export tasks in PDF, Excel or CSV format.
Share tasks in a workspacesIt is possible to share tasks in one or more workspaces.
Sort a tasks listButtons present by default allow you to filter the task lists according to different criteria.
Create custom filtersYou can create custom filters to display your tasks according to your own criteria and needs.
Task displayThere are two ways to view a series of tasks: list view and kanban view.
Task historyAll activities related to a task are recorded in its history in order to keep a traceability.